Uploading Data

RealEarth can ingest imagery and shape data.

Image formats:
Shape (point/line/polygon) formats:
.zip, .tar, and .gz archive formats are also supported. Each file within the archive must be named according to the RealEarth file naming convention.

Color enhancements and custom legends can be created by uploading McIDAS-X ET enhancements or custom legend definitions. Please see the Editing Products section for more information.

Naming Convention

Data files must contain a product ID, date, and time separated by underscores: [ProductID]_[YYYYMMDD]_[hhmmss].extension

Register Product

Before uploading product data a placeholder must be created on the target RealEarth VM. This ensures that the product will be directed to the appropriate location and the state of the product will have a suitable configuration prior to the initial directory. From the Product Manager, log in and click the Create new placeholder button to register a new product.

Browser Upload

Files can be uploaded via a browser form.

Shell Script

File uploads can be automated with the re_upload script.


Error: Bad interpreter: "nologin" Please modify the first line of this script to use sh, ash, or bash Or call explicity with: re_upload -h